Combination therapies are all the buzz right now. You can get amazing results in just one session and even better over time with accumulated treatments. 

Medically recognised treatments and devices when you want real results fast.

Peel & Glow Facial

Combine two powerful treatments 

A professional AHA/ BHA or Enzyme Peel combined with LED Light Therapy this treatment exfoliates, smooths and plumps the skin, reducing fine lines and minimising pores. a Must for that Red Carpet Glow

$150 -$160 | 45- 50 min

Micro & Glow Facial

Combining, Microdermabrasion or Microhydrabrasion for a clean and relaxed skin. LED light reduces inflammation and speeds up healing of the skin to reduce any redness associated with dermabrasion

$190 - 1hr 30 min

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