Medi - Facials

Medi-Facials are high performance treatments using advanced modalities.

These treatments go to where our hands cant reach for long lasting results and supreme anti-ageing benefits.

The Girl You Love philosophy to skincare is based  on traditional massage techniques combined with high performance skincare. This takes it to the next level. Our approach for Medi-Facials is non or minimally invasive treatments and as such these treatments have no or very little down time


& Hydrabrasion

Your cleanest skin ever!

The ultimate clean skin.

Microdermabrasion is a technique where the skin is exfoliated manually by means of a diamond tipped head and central vacuum. Dead cells are whisked away and skin is left  clearer, smoother, with a new found radiance

Hydrabrasion takes this treatment one step further by  adding cooling jets of purified water to flush out dirt, old oils , sunscreens & makeup trapped within the pores.

This treatment is deal for anyone who has had too much sun or have been building and renovating. Great for men!

This treatment includes a double cleanse, necessary extractions specific serums, mask,  moisturiser & SPF

Micro-Dermabrasion - 45 mins | $150   

Micro- Hydrabrasion - 60min  | $160

Skin type. dry, oily, combination, congested, blackheads, pigmentation

*Contraindications: active acne, sunburn, sensitive, rosacea, roaccutane


add on a:

Signature Massage | $40

Polypetide Collagen Mask | $20

Extra Extractions  | $10


 LightStim LED Therapy 

Realise your most beautiful skin

Our new LightStim LED Light Therapy  treatment is a clinically-proven technology  for achieving healthy  and youthful looking skin.

It is both soothing and painless and can be used for all skin types to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and increase collagen production.

In just 20 mins you can firm & tone tired skin, reduce the appearance of  pores, smooth skin, increase elasticity and recapture your radiant glow, all whilst bathing underneath this relaxing light 

This treatment gives an immediate post treatment glow and plumping effect  making it ideal for pre-wedding or any special occasions

LightStim is recommended  2-3 times per week for the best results, with a cumulative effect built over a course of 6-8 weeks

LED Light only  |30min | $80  | includes cleanse and moisturise

Deluxe Light treatment | 45min | $140 | includes double cleanse, exfoliation, skin boosters, mask & moisturise


Add on a 20 min LED treatment to a facial | $40 

LED Light Therapy Courses

Course of 6 Light Treatments | $350 | (*2-3 per week)

Course of 12 Light Treatments |  $700 | (2-3 per week)


Combination Therapies

Combination Therapies are all the buzz right now.

You can get amazing results in just one session and even better over time with accumulated treatments. 

Medically recognised treatments and devices when you want real results fast.

Micro and Glow

smooth & restore your skin

Combining 2 powerhouse technologies, LED Light Therapy &  resurfacing refinement of Dermabrasion this treatment really brightens your skin

The results are super clean, smooth and radiant skin with the added benefits of faster healing and repair.

This combination omits a finishing mask as the LED light completes the process to give a beautiful result and ensure skin hydration

Skin type. dry, oily, combination, congested, blackheads, pigmentation

*Contraindications: active acne, sunburn, sensitive , rosacea, roaccutane

Micro-Dermabrasion & LED  70min | $180

Micro-Hydrabrasion & LED 80min $190


Peel and Glow 

This Super Charged results driven treatment will have  your skin plumped, smooth with  glowing freshness and visibly reduced fine lines 

Combining the deep exfoliating action of a facial peel with collagen boosting LED light this is treatment gives a smoother, plumper skin, minimising pores and a glow like no other

Choose from any of our Professional Peels and add on a LightStim LED treatment  for only $40 extra  (save $40)

skin type: most, dry, dehydrated, congested, pigmentation, ageing

* Some peels require preparation using corresponding home care for 1-2 weeks priori to  your peel. Your therapist will advise.

45 mins | $140 - $160


Micro and Peel

A super smoothing, brightening treatment to make sure your skin shines from in inside and out.

After a double cleanse, a gentle Micro-Dermabrasion or Micro-Hydabrasion is performed  to exfoliate away the dead surface cells. The skin is then cooled down with moist compresses. Following this a gentle AHA peel is then applied to the skin. You may experience some mild stinging , this peel is carefully monitored and gauged to your individual skins tolerance.

The peel is then removed and specific serums and hydrators are applied.

It is best for skins which have experienced peels and micro in the past and have a strong skin type. You may experience some mild peeling of your skin a few days after this treatment.

Skin type: dry, dehydrated, oily, sun damaged, pigmentation.

* Contraindications: sensitive skin, sunburn, active acne.

* Hydrabrasion  having an extra exfoliating step increases the intensity of this treatment slightly and will be advised at the time of your appointment 

Micro-Dermabrasion + Peel | 60 mins | $170

Micro- Hydrabrasion + Peel | 75 mins | $180


Triple Treat

The power of 3 super skin renewal  technologies

Taking the Micro & Peel one step further. Combining a gentle Micro -Dermabrasion, AHA Peel and LightStim LED.

 This treatment provides gentle surface exfoliation, boosting cell renewal in the lower layers of the skin and healing rebuilding  power of Light.  This treatment is the ultimate  Medi-Facial Combo.

It is best for skins that have experienced peels and micro in the past and have a strong skin type. You may experience mild peeling of your skin a few days after this treatment

Skin type: dry, dehydrated, oily sun damaged, pigmentation 

*Contraindications: sensitive skin, sunburn, active acne 

90 mins |$200


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