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Advanced Facial Treatments



Your Cleanest Skin Ever 

Micro-Hydrabrasion is a form of  Micro-Dermabrasion.

Unlike regular dermabrasion, Hydrabrasion has an additional water phase to flush out debris leaving your skin the cleanest its ever been.

Firstly we cleanse the skin, then a diamond encrusted tip accompanied by a gentle vacuum exfoliates the skin, removing dead surface cells and lifting  filaments from pores.

A second phase using a cool jet of water with a vacuum continues the treatment by flushing out residual dead cells, old creams, oils and make up from within the skin. Finishes with a soothing mask

Your skin will be clean, fresh, glowing and feel amazingly light

Skin Type: Most, congested, dry, rough, thickened

**Contraindications - Active Acne, Rosacea, Roaccutane **

MicroHydrabrasion  |  $170 | 60 min

Dermabrasion Only  | $160  | 45 min

Add on extra extraction of impurities - $10-20

Hydrabrasion Facial

- Combine a Hydrabrasion  treatment with a Signature facial to ensure a totally clean, refreshed and relaxed skin - Includes a full Hydrabrasion treatment,  extraction of impurities & plus face neck and décolletage massage & mask 

90-100mins $220.00



LED Light Therapy Treatment 

Give Your Skin a Happy Glow

LightStim LED Light Therapy is a safe, effective & relaxing technology for achieving healthy, youthful skin. Soothing & painless it can be used on all skin types to tone skin and help diminish fine lines & wrinkles.

With just 20 mins of light your skin is brighter, plumper and relaxed.

It feels just like you are basking in warm sunshine, but without the damaging effects of the sun.

Non laser, non UV - Only goodness

  • Promotes deeper absorption of serums and creams 

  • Stimulates collagen & elastin production

  • Enlivens & plumps, giving the skin a healthy and relaxed glow

  • Ideal Before a Special Event

 Reduces downtime and helps skin to heal after - Microdermabrasion, Peels, , Extractions,  Facial Peels, Waxing, MicroNeedling.

Increases skins ability to absorb nourishing treatments

Perfect accompaniment to a DermaFrac Treatment

Skin Type: All skins, Ageing, Sensitive, Dull, Open pores, acne, pigmentation inflamed and stressed skin.

fabulous to rejuvenate your skin

Light is left on skin for 20 mins under which you will feel a gentle warmth and may possibly fall asleep. Complimentary hand massage is performed whilst you relax under the light

Treatment times vary depending on options of treatment 

Treatment Options:

* Basic LED Light treatment-  inc-  cleanse, 20 min Light  &  moisture  - $90.00

* Deluxe LED Treatment - inc double cleanse, exfoliation, 20 min Light , specialised serums and moisture - $140.00 

** Add specialty  light activating sheet mask extra $20.00

Add on LED  to any signature, specialist or advanced facial  - $40 extra.

**See our specialist facials for the ultimate  Moisture Infusion LED facial treatment


Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3.59.42 pm.png

DermaFrac is an advanced 3-in-1 treatment combining microdermabrasion, concurrent skin needling and serum infusion targeting multiple skin concerns such as rejuvenation, fine lines, dehydration & dryness, hyperpigmentation, sun-damage,  ageing, and congested acne skin types.

Please see the DermaFrac Page for Full explanation 


Combined Therapies

Combined Therapies are all the buzz right now, and for good reason.  By combining multiple advanced treatments, your results are increased and you can target several skin concerns in the one appointment. 



Micro & Glow

Combine a Micro-Hydrabrasion or Dermabrasion  Plus  an LED light therapy treatment. Incorporating the LED light, calms skin, increases healing, plumps and relaxes skin. Your skin will look clean, bright, refreshed and relaxed

Micro & Glow  Dermabrasion  | 75mins  | $200

Micro & Glow  Hydrabrasion  | 90min  | $220

Add moisture infusion mask with multi-weight hyaluronic acid for deep long lasting  hydration Add - $20


Peel & Glow

Combine a customised Peel with  LED light therapy.

Using LED light after a peel controls inflammation, soothes and calms  and increases firmness to the skin. Skin has a beautiful glow after Excellent for people who are usually a little sensitised after a peel. The double power of these treatments increases the benefits from both.

** Some Peels require home care prepping prior to salon treatment** 

45-60 Mins  | $140 - $160

Price is subject to peel used.

Add moisture infusion mask with multi-weight hyaluronic acid for deep long lasting  hydration Add - $20


Micro & Peel

Combine a Micro- Hydrabrasion or Micro- Dermabrasion with a gentle customised peel.

This treatment is for skins that need more exfoliating. 

**Contraindications: Sensitive, Active Acne,  Rosacea, Roaccutane. ***


 Micro & Peel Dermabrasion. | 60mins | $185

Micro & Peel Hydrabrasion. | 75min. | $195


Triple Treat - 3 Treatments in 1!

Combining MicroDermabrasion or MicroHydrabrasion with a gentle customised peel and LED light therapy. The ultimate advanced renewing treatment

Smooth, fresh, bright and enlivened akin.

Skin is smooth, clear bright and relaxed

**Contraindications: Sensitive, rosacea, active acne**

90-100mins  | $220-$230

Add moisture infusion mask with multi-weight hyaluronic acid for deep long lasting  hydration Add - $20


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