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Skin Renewing Facial Peels

Reveal fresher, brighter, younger looking skin with a course of professional strength peels.

When the skin looks dull, feels heavy or stressed is is often an accumulation of dead skin cells, compacted within skin layers, this buildup of cells means the skin is not sloughing off the cells as it should and therefore cannot function correctly.

A build up of dead cells prevents prevents your moisturisers from doing their job and  leads to conditions  such as dehydration, congestion, clogged pores and a compromised skin barrier. 

Whilst there are many topical correcting serums on the market  you can use at home to assist in skin cell turnover, a professional strength peel gets to the root of the problem much faster and efficiently to ensure your home care works optimally for you.

Peels are a skin exfoliating treatment that don't rely solely on mechanical scrubbing. Peels can target several skin concerns at once and require no down time.

Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, (AHA) , Beta Hydroxy Acids  (BHA) or  Naturally occurring Enzymes, these Peels are able to un-glue dead cell build up by either a chemical reaction or an enzynamic reaction, deep cleaning your skin, increasing it's ability to hold moisture and reduce congestion & bacteria that cause breakouts. The results are a healthy, well functioning skin , hydrated smooth skin with a youthful radiance.


Peels can be taken as a quick occasional pick me up or to treat more stubborn conditions a course of 6 weekly treatments is highly recommended.

We can advise on the best peel for your skins needs and the corresponding home care required to prepare the skin and continue your results.

**Some  peels require starting a specific home care regime  1-2 weeks prior to peels are performed** 


*Add Hands to a Facial Peel for only $25 extra *

*Add Décolletage  to a Facial Peel for only $30  extra*


Priori - Multi Layer AHA Peel 


Combining the power of  multiple AHA's with  BHA's this peel treats  multiple skin layers and targets several skin conditions 

Mild to moderate strength peel targeting dehydration, fine lines, open pores, congestion and breakouts. Improves skin health & functionality

Mild - Moderate Intensity

Skin type: all, young, dehydrated, dry, congested, open pores, stressed skins

Lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, vitamin antioxidants.

* skin prep required 1-2 weeks priori with 1-2 Priori skincare products

*Contraindications: aspirin allergy, accutane

30 mins | $100 

*$500 course of 6 *Taken weekly

*add on a hydrating mask  for $10 


Priori - Q+SOD Antioxidant Brightening Peel


 This superceutical peel combines AHA's, BHA's & powerful antioxidants this peel gives a "Red Carpet" Glow. Smooths, brightens and helps combat signs of premature ageing  such as fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Also correcting for post acne skins and sun damaged skins

Moderate Intensity

Skin type: mature, sun damaged, aged, pigmentation, acne management

co-enzyme Q10, superoxide dismutase, lactic acid, glycolic acid  

*skin prep required 1-2 weeks prior with 1-2 Priori skincare products
30 mins | $110

*$550 course of 6  *taken weekly

*add on a hydrating mask for $10


HydroPeptide - Clarifying Pumpkin Peel

A Powerful Peel combining AHA's, BHA, fruit acids, pumpkin enzymes to dissolve dead skin and encourage cell turnover.  Ideal for oily skins as it balances excess oil, fights P-acne bacteria and helps fade hyperpigmentation.

Moderate - Agressive Intensity

Skin type: oily, acne, dullness, ageing, hyperpigmentation.

Pumpkin enzymes, lactic acid, glycolic acid, fruit acids, amino acids, green tea.


*Contraindication: pregnancy, nursing, aspirin allergy, active acne, roacutane

30mins | $100 

*$500-  course of 6 *Taken weekly


Priori - Natural Enzyme & Turmeric Peel

This all natural enzyme peel harnesses the power of Curcumin from 3 types of Turmeric to slough off dead cells, loosen blackheads soften and hydrate skin & even skin tone. Turmeric is know for its anti inflammatory properties. 

Mild - Moderate Intensity

Skin type: most, dry, dehydrated, combination, oily, pigmentation & redness

Turmeric root, pumpkin, papaya, black willow bark - Clean Beauty

*Some skins experience redness with this peel which subsides in about an hour

30mins | $120 

*$600 course of 6 *taken weekly

Currently Unavailable- Coming Back Soon 


HydroPeptide - Intense 5x Power Peel


Gentle yet intensely resurfacing peel to clarify, brighten and smooth away the appearance of wrinkles with 5 powerful exfoliators Promotes healthy cell renewal, improves radiance and clarity. This peel can be gradually left on the skin longer in cases of sensitivity.

Skin type: mature, dull, rough, dry and ageing skin with fine lines & wrinkles.

glycolic, lactic & salicylic acids, mushroom & pumpkin enzymes, allantoin.

*Contraindications: pregnancy, nursing, aspirin allergy, sensitivity, sunburn, 

30 mins | $120 

*$600 course of 6  *taken weekly ( get one free) 


HydroPeptide - Gentle Blueberry Peel

This gentle, antioxidant-rich peel offers a slower controlled exfoliation perfect for sensitive skin. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, gently encourages cell turn over. Helps regulate hydration, calms soothes and nourishes for a healthy glow

Skin type: all skin especially sensitive, dry, ageing

lactic acid, mandelic acid, calming peptides, hydrating peptides, blueberry

* Contraindications: nut allergy (bitter almond) 

30 mins | $100 

*$500 course of 6  *Taken weekly


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