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Targeted Treatments & Time Savers

We understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to spend on long indulgent treatments.

Sometimes you just have a specific need you want targeted and don't mind forgoing a few other luxuries.

Here we have a few parred down options of our treatments that you can get that quick fix when you need it. 

Natural Makeup
Extraction Only Deep Cleanse  


This treatment is all about extraction.

A detoxifying pore cleansing treatment specifically designed for oily, congested & problem prone skins of all ages. 

Similar to the deep cleansing clarifying facial except it excludes the facial massage &  instead focuses on removing blackheads, milia & impurities.


Skin is deep cleansed & exfoliated followed by detoxifying steam, extraction and deep cleansing mask, clearing serum and hydrator

* Skin may be slightly red after this treatment due to the extractions.

An add on LED treatment is encouraged to enable faster healing.

Skin type: Oily, congested, impure, breakouts, milia.

60 mins | $160

add on LED | $40


T'ween Pore Cleanse & Hydrate Treatment 

For  pre teens and early teens  

A  gentle cleansing treatment designed to address the early break outs in young skins between the ages of 10 to 16yrs.

 Using products gentle enough for young skins, this facial maintains skins hydration whilst addressing excess oil and black heads.

Skin is gently cleansed & exfoliated using steam before necessary extraction, followed by a cleansing mask & light hydration.

 Ensuring the skin is left sparkling clean and refreshed. 

Skin type: young, ages 10-16, oily, breakouts, blackheads

45 mins  | $120


Express Power Facial

A pep up facial for the time poor

A power packed cocktail of anti-ageing skincare to revitalise tired skins.

For when you don't have the time to experience a full Signature facial, this treatment will smooth and invigorate your skin to  face the day.

A perfect pick-me-up

excludes steam & extractions

This facial includes thorough cleanse and exfoliation, an invigorating massage experience followed by mask, serums and hydrators.

Skin type: All, normal, ageing, dehydrated, combination, time poor clients.

45 mins | $150


Express Calm Facial
A calming facial for the time poor


A cool, calming treatment designed for sensitive skins prone to redness.

When you don't have time to experience the full Signature facial, this treatment will soothe and calm your skin to face the day.

A perfect  pick-me-up

Excludes steam & extractions. 

This facial has a thorough yet gentle cleanse and exfoliation, gentle massage experience and calming mask followed by soothing hydrating serums and hydrators

Skin type: sensitive, sensitised, irritated, dry, reddened, time poor clients.

45 min | $150


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