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Eye Brow Shaping - Lash & Brow Tints

Eyes and Brows

Never Underestimate The Power of a Good Eyebrow!

Brow Shaping

The best way to enhance your natural features is by having a perfectly designed and shaped eyebrow.

The Girl You Love understands that eyebrows not only need to suit your face but they also need to suit your life style.

We pride ourselves on creating the perfect brow for you,.

We only use premium soft wax  and tweezing to get your brows to shaped perfection. 


 Brow Tinting

Adding a tint to your brows gives better definition and compliments your shape.

Tinting is a great idea if your brows have faded over the years or those pesky grey hairs are taking over or you've changed your hair colour. 

Tinting can also pick up those fine light hairs within the brow and achieve a fuller looking brow.


Our brow tints are custom blended to  match your hair and achieve your desired look.

Let us advise on the best colour combination to compliment your look.

Natural colours can be blended with  fun fashion colours to give gorgeous tinted shades.

Fashion colours can also be used on a lightened brow for a dramatic effect if you are feeling adventurous.


Brow Lightening

Brow lightening is a specialised treatment that gives a softer look to your brows. Sometimes less is more and in the case too heavy a brow which can sometimes be ageing, having your brows lightened gives a softer more youthful look. 

Perfect to complement your look when you lighten your hair.


Eye Lash Tinting

Add depth and colour to your lashes with a good eyelash tint.

Ideal for light eyelashes. Lashes are coloured from the base to the tip and can  make your lashes appear thicker and longer 

Perfect when you want to avoid applying mascara daily but need colour and more depth

From subtle browns to deep black,  blue black and purple shades. Colours can also be blended for the perfect look.


Eye Brow Wax & Shape  15-20min $40 -$45

Eye Brow Reshape / Design | 30min | $50

Eye Brow Tint | 20min | $25  - ( with a facial $20)

Eye Lash Tint | 30min | $35  - ( with a facial $30)

Brow Lightening | 20min | $35

Combo packs

Brow Wax, Shape &  Tint | 30min | $50 - $55

Eye Lash & Eye Brow Tint | 30min | $55

Brow Wax Shape + Lash & Brow Tint  45min |$70-75

Brow Lightening & Fashion Colour | 30min | $55

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