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Relaxing Luxury Facials

The Girl You Love offers a variety of customised Bespoke Facials treatments that are adapted to your skin needs


Signature Facials 


Our Signature Facial is a bespoke facial treatment for all skin types

Every part of this treatment is customised to your individual skins needs

The origin of this treatment comes from the classic French style Facial but uses high performance, corrective ingredients to ensure your skin is treated not only at the surface but also deep within its layers. The pièce de résistance of this facial is our unique Signature Massage developed over many years combining traditional French & old school techniques with lymphatic drainage and pressure point movements.

This Facial deeply cleanses the skin, exfoliates dead cells and clears pores. Our deeply relaxing signature massage improves blood supply, oxygenates the cells and increases the skins ability to absorb nutrients to brighten skin tone and repair skin tissue. High performance serums are chosen to treat your skins concerns refining, plumping and nourishing. Specific treatment masks are chosen targeting your skin needs. Finishing with the application of prescribed boosters, hydrators &  SPF.


This deeply relaxing massage will leave you in a state of total bliss.

A perfect facial to give as a gift.

75min | $180

Anti-Wrinkle Firming Facial 

Skin type: Dry, dehydrated, combination, ageing, 

Wrinkle relaxing peptides, AHAs, collagen building proteins


Skin Brightening Facial

Skin type: Dry, dull, sun damaged, pigmentation uneven skin tone 

Papaya, enzymes, AHAs, vit-C, brightening peptides


 Calming Recovery  Facial

Skin type: Sensitive, dry, combination, reddened and inflamed skin.

Blueberry, raspberry, botanical stem cells, calming peptides, antioxidants


Moisture  Restoring Facial 

Skin types: All, dry, dehydrated, parched, ageing skins

Botanical & floral oils, rose water, milk proteins, royal jelly peptides


 Deep Cleansing Clarifying Facial

Skin types: Oily, clogged, thickened breakouts & acne congestion.

Pumpkin enzyme, AHAs, salicylic acid, cleansing clays

*Contraindication: Pregnancy, nursing, roacutane, allergy to aspirin.

* For a deep cleansing facial without massage please see our targeted time saver facials tab.


 Honey Enzyme Detox Facial

Skin type: Stressed Skin impacted by blue light & the environment

Raw honey, mushroom enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals


Skin Smoothing AHA Renewal Facial 

Skin type: normal , oily, dehydrated ,combination, open pores

Lactic acid, vitamin antioxidants, sericin, algae


 Antioxidant & AHA  Brightening Facial 

Skin type: normal , pigmented,  dehydrated, lack lustre

Co-enzyme Q10, SOD, antioxidants AHA BHA, retinol, liquorice


The Gentlemen's Clean & Hydrate Facial

Skin Type: All skin types  customised to mens needs.

Antioxidants, AHAs, soothing hydrators, vitamins, cleansing clays


Customised Peptide Facial

Skin type: All, combination, stressed, dehydrated

Powerful peptides, botanicals, active ingredients

Customised treatment for skins with multiple areas of concern



Specialty  Facials 


Take your treatment to the next level

Our Specialist Facials are designed for ultimate results.

These high performance treatments include all the benefits of our Signature Facial with the addition of intensive boosters. Each treatment is  designed to target individual skin concerns and may include advanced AHA , antioxidant, enzyme peels or luxury collagen boosting and brightening sheet  and jelly peel off masks.

80 - 100mins | $200 - $240

Customised Prescription Facial

With Professional Strength Peel

Super Smoothing

A deep cleansing, smoothing and brightening treatment which combines a Signature Facial with  a professional strength Priori AHA or Antioxidant Peel.  Skin is left firm, smooth, hydrated  and glowing with a renewed freshness & brightness.  


Skin type: Most, sun damaged, congestion, aged, pigmentation, dry, , rough and dull skin.

Multi tasking AHA's, BHA's Co enzyme Q10, SOD, vitamins, antioxidants, humectants 

**Skin must be prepped with corresponding Priori home care 1-2 weeks prior. Ideal as maintenance after a course of peels.


Add LED Light for $40.00


Soothe & Smooth Collagen Boost Facial

Calming Soothing Plumping

Combining calming and softening botanicals and a luxury collagen boosting mask, this facial calms and smoothes the skin whilst boosting hydration and smoothing fine lines

A relaxing Indulgence

Skin type: Sensitive, dry, dehydrated, special occasion to look your best.

Collagen boosting & line lifting peptides, cucumber, coconut, raw honey enzymes , probiotics, blueberry


Add LED Light for $40


Firm-a-Bright Vitamin C Facial

Firming Brightening Glow

This potent, patented vitamin C facial treatment is perfect for those seeking a bright, glowing & more youthful appearance.

Vitamin C and honey exfoliates the skin whilst a unique delivery system of pure Vitamin C within a sheet mask encourages a firmer, brighter skin.

Apple, papaya , AHA and coconut massage will lull you whilst smoothing & relaxing your skin

You will leave relaxed, radiant with a new glow and firmness to your skin


Skin Type Most, Dull, Dry, Ageing, Pigmented Skin.

L-ascorbic acid, (Vit-C), lactic acid, papaya, sodium hyaluronate, apple stem cells, centella asiatica extract,


Add LED light for  $40


Intense Refresh Collagen Boosting Facial

Smoothing, Plumping, Radiant

Experience the power of 5 potent exfoliating ingredients to improve cell turnover for a radiant complexion while a cooling PolyPeptide collagen boosting sheet mask locks in hydration and helps amplify the active peptides and antioxidants. Skin is left refreshed, smoothed, hydrated and more radiant than ever. 

Pure indulgence. 

Skin type: Mature, dry, dehydrated, special occasion to look your best.

Collagen boosting & line lifting peptides, antioxidants, calming agents AHAs, BHA's fruit acids  mushroom & pumpkin enzymes


Add LED Light for $40


Moisture Infusion Facial 
Super Hydrating Luxury Facial with LED Light & Infusion Mask

Drench your skin in lasting moisture with this hydration focused treatment. Each step of the facial,  cleanser, peel, mask, and serum is formulated with potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants.


Amplify your results with LED light therapy over the mask to maximise potency and boost hydration even further. your skin will be left feeling firmed and Deeply nourished, with a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

All Skin types , especially dry / dehydrated.

Excellent before an event or wedding 


Without LED $200.00


Brighten  & Glow Hydrating Facial

With  Peel Off Jelly Mask 

A customisable facial treatment including HydroPeptide's latest Brighten + Glow Jelly Mask. 

Dramatically brighten, deeply hydrating, evens out your skin tone with

radiance boosting ingredients after just one treatment. The jelly peel off mask is cool calming and extremely relaxing for the skin

Calm Hydrated Bright Skin

Incorporating glycerine, avocado, olive oil, Hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen, aloe vera, nicinamide, centella asiatica, Peptides & pearl extract.

All skin types, especially dry, dehydrated, dull, uneven, sensitive and reddened skin. Perfect for a special occasion or when your skin feels dull and stressed


Add LED Light  for $40 


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