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Priori - UnveiLED Neck & Decollette LED Light Therapy

Priori - UnveiLED Neck & Decollette LED Light Therapy


Professional Grade LED device with Visible  Skin-Changing Results!


Next generation flexible LED device that contours the neck and
décolleté, created for PRIORI by the original LED treatment innovators.
The device is FDA approved and is backed by sound clinical evidence and
experience from the medical and aesthetic markets. Treats all areas of neck
and décolleté through two different wavelengths (red light and infra-red
light) for optimum intensity and energy. These wavelengths of light have
been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production.


  • How to Use

    When do I use it? ANYTIME!

     This device is easy to wear, comfortable, and can be used
    day or night. It is a portable device that does not require to be plugged in but runs on a charge.

    Recommended to be used while relaxing or performing a routine task. The software controls temperature for optimum safety and is
    pre-programmed for 10 minutes. For best results: use for three to five days per week for four weeks.

    As maintenance, continue once or twice per week.

  • How Does it Work?

    To use, simply charge the portable battery and unplug from the wall. Place directly on the neck and décolleté area with secured Velcro around the neck. Press and hold the start button, and enjoy your quick and convenient 10 minute session. Device will automatically shut off once the 10 minute session is complete.

    How to clean your mask? We recommend you wipe down your device after each use with an antibacterial wipe or spray that is skin safe

  • Features & Benefits

    Key Features Benefits
    633nm Red Light Cellular regeneration, acceleration of blood circulation, proliferation
    of fibroblast activity leading to collagen synthesis
    830nm near InfraRed A thermal effect with high energy and deep penetration
    Absorbs into the cell membranes to stimulate complex cellular complexes
    Stimulates growth factors that dictate collagen and elastin synthesis

    Clinical Results
    • 89% improvement in fine lines/wrinkles
    • 83% improvement in pigmentation
    • 74% improvement in skin texture
    • 84% improvement in overall appearance of skin

  • Contraindications

    Do not use UNVEILED device if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity, have a photosensitive disorder or are pregnant or breast feeding.

    Photosensitivity or sensitivity to light, is a common side effect of various medications and some herbal remedies.

    If you are unsure, speak with your health care provider.


  • Key Ingredients

    PRIORI's UNVEILED Neck and Décolleté is made of medical-grade, fully flexible silicone

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